Small Game, Birds and Fish

Make no cuts. Keep cool and dry. Freeze the animal whole in a plastic bag until you can deliver it to us.

Large Game

Please call or e-mail us for large game shipping instructions. Keep in mind that the type of mount you desire (life-size, shoulder mount or rug) will determine the skinning process you or your guide will use.

Dried/Salted Hides

Place hides in a non-plastic bag, then in a crate or a box. Seal the crate or box well to confine excess salt to the crate or box.

Frozen Specimens

At the time of shipping, hides must be frozen solid. Be sure that the box is tightly filled with newspapers all around the hide. This will absorb any excess moisture and keep your hide as dry as possible. If the specimen is extremely bloody, the hide should first be wrapped in newspaper then boxed. In this case, items such as horns antlers and skulls should be shipped seperately from the hide to reduce the cost of express shipping. Frozen specimens and hides should always be shipped UPS Next Day or 2nd Day Air.


Never ship over holidays or weekends. All shipments must be confirmed by us so that we may be adequately staffed on the day your shipment is to arrive. To save shipping charges, include other items such as horns, antlers and skulls, along with the hide. Ship dried/salted hides by UPS Ground Track or Freight Carrier. Ship frozen hides by UPS Next Day Air or UPS Second Day Air.

Ship to:

St. Clair Taxidermy Studio
967 Keysertown Rd.
Boswell, PA 15531

Always call before shipping: +1.814.629.9826